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Her hair is now a mix of sleek and downy strands, not unlike a fledgling bird's feathers, and covers her head thickly as low as her eyebrows, as well as along sideburns, and from the front of her throat down to her knees, as if she suffers from hirsutism. None of her hair will grow longer than a few inches. Where her skin remains visible--her face, palms, fingers, and below her knees--it's a darker and ashier shade of brown than before. Her nose is even larger, more beaklike, and now composed of bare, hard bone or horn, as is a protrusion from her chin which curves up to meet the tip of her nose. She can grasp things between her nose and chin. Her 'normal' mouth is visible behind the 'beak'. Her eyes no longer show any white, all black iris & pupil. Possibly the most striking change is that her hips and knees now bend backwards, like a bird's. Her feet are longer-toed, with sharp, talon-like nails. Her arms are significantly longer than her relatively-stubby legs, so prefers to fold them against her torso rather than let them hang past her knees. In short, she looks like an anthromorphic bird created by someone entirely unfamiliar with how anthro animals should look.

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Tuesday, October 12 2010 @ 08:21 PM UTC
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