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Okay, I am not sick anymore but parts are rushed. Here you go, enjoy! (Oh and feedback good, yes)

Mutants sing, are you listening. In the lane, midgets pissin
A usual sight but we're happy tonight, walking bout improbable island.
Gone away is the magpie, around all day is that guy
The beholder's behind, but we no longer mind
Walking bout improbable island.

In the meadow there are contestants sleeping
while others are out fighting for their lives
We get great ratings while we're competing
So we'll just keep fighting and hope we don't die

Up in Ace High, Jokers take tea
While in Squat midgets hate to be
Short while we're all tall
They hate us all

But hey its improbable island.

Now in New Home you can find the rookies
They're all newbs but we were once too
In Kitt, there are all types of furries.
And in New Pitts there are BRAAAAAAAINS

Pleasantville promises poetry
Which trust me, you don't want to see
Cyber City's got bots
Who really can't love you lots

Hey, its improbable island!

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Saturday, December 11 2010 @ 03:18 AM UTC
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