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Failboat to the tune of Proud Mary

Not one of my best but please enjoy ^_^

Left a good place on the mainland
Going to school for music during the day
And I have to admit I felt some terror
When I was kidnapped and dropped here

Rookie keep on failing
Failboat keep on sailing
Yes were sailing, sailing, sailing round the island

Lost my memory a couple times
Fighting against Drive, Every DK
And you can bet that I found myself on
The watcher's vessel almost every day

Contestant that keeps on failin'
Oh the failboat keeps on sailin'
Yes I'm failin, sailin' all around the island

If you end up on the failboat
Bet you gonna find some people there
You don't have to worry if you're feelin silly
We all faired the same out there

Contestants that keep on failing
Oh keep the failboat sailin'
Cause we're failin', sailing, all around the island
Cause we're failin', sailing, all around the island

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Wednesday, December 15 2010 @ 07:09 PM UTC
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Uploaded By: Cherriki Ten  

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