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October Contest Album
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This is my (and Cherri's) tribute to Ebenezer,
I want to first thank everyone who helped out here. Ashtu, Dave, Adder, Chimental, and of course for being my inspiration - Eben and Sessine (told you I'd do it :P).

Ah, quality isn't the best cause it was 1 am when I recorded it.

He's a shrewd one, that Eben
He seems like quite the bore
He's got a prickly disposition,
That you can't help but adore
That Eben!
He's a grumpy accountant
That co-owns the CG store!

He's a dour one, That Eben
Grim and often sour
A sullen surly spec'men
With a misanthropic glower
That Eben
On a blue and sunny day he's the
One percent chance of showers

He's a strange one, that Eben
No Improbability
No fur or slime or servos
Only a few cups of tea
That Eben!
He will kindly do all your taxes
for just a nominal fee!

Some curmudgeon, That eben
He's really friendly though
He hides it behind grumpiness
But in the end it shows
that Eben!
Though you'd best be careful not to knock
His glasses off his nose!

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Saturday, December 25 2010 @ 06:09 AM UTC
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